Cute Aladdin ballet at fringe festival in Edinburgh ! Heart warming ! ❤️

The market dancers reminded me of la bayadere – they were very graceful slaves ! I want to be a slave as well now ! So I can dance like them ! 

Meeting the cute Cobras – it took me a while to figure out that they were actually snakes – yes those were their snake hands on the top – thanks 

My dear Aladdin – I only have one wish – lose 10 lbs 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Their serious teacher giving out instructions on things to improve after the performance after her taking notes 

The watercolour flyer – I would love to have one as a souvenir 

Meeting the animals and the sparkling girls 

A very good pas de deux in the end ! I loved the sweetness in the pas de deux 

Meeting the bats girls – the left most and the right most – god they are cute bats – not looking so evil 

Happy to see Sarah again – she played a very evil role

A little pantomime class before the performance 

The dancers’ fathers and mothers put up this stage together – the one who put out the smoke machine was Sarah’s dad 

Yes I ran on the ridged and random stone road on super high heels from the Royal mile to the zoo south side in 5 mins ! Made it on time ! That’s the whole point to come here ! Ballet ! 
I love mr leeth both as a ballet teacher and a father in person – he doesn’t say hey look I’m doing what you like – he just suggests that lets have noodles (because he knows I like it) and he doesn’t really highlight what he has done for me – he doesn’t highlight that we would go to the gallery together but will just take me there as a surprise – you feel the father ship all the time . 

I loved him when he went picking up a sword made of balloons for a boy who dropped it in a hurry and ran after the boy : hey you forgot your balloon . I loved him when I browsed the stuff in the shop and he actually wanted to put it back as what they originally looked light . He never highlighted how great a person he was but you can feel it all the time . 

I loved how cute and sweet and heart warming Aladdin was – feeling a bit emotional when the music arose – to see talented american ballerinas again – I missed the ballet schools in America – where there were always fun . ☺️ and things to learn as well . The pas de deux in the end was sweet and clean between the princess and the new prince . Mr leeth showed up in smoke – he had some ballet moves this time . But most of the time Aladdin walked around like a superman with super power – he just told all the bad things to go away and they disappeared . I haven’t seen bats and snakes in ballet before . ☺️ it was the same lady who’s leading the youth ballet to perform here as two years ago – she gave ppl a heads up for the pantomime – and she took notes when they were performing ☺️. The King was good looking – I thought previously that he was the prince . 

I think if I can choose I really want to learn the market dance ! 


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