Weekly London food report – from SNN – not CNN 🍞

every day in finance as a quant feels like a year – when i think abt this korean BBQ i went – it felt like from many years ago

yes some years ago – i went to koba for smoke-less BBQ of bulgogi – it’s so tasty – i loved it when you can both enjoy the bbq and not take any of the smoke and smell away with your jacket

some years ago – i went to the tibits for dinner – it’s a buffet – but the air feels like in a coffee shop – very relaxing – cuz buffet usually gives me an impression of hurrying up – i went there because i saw this ‘hot ginger’ board – i liked that drink – and my favorite at the salad bar was the fried okra

some years ago – i went to koya – which was recommended by my ballet buddy vanessa many many years ago on a sunday – i see why she liked it – the shop was very japanese style – the food was almost sauce-less – much less tangier than other places – i had the duck don – it was only half cooked – i bet my italian colleague will like it cuz he didn’t like any sauces – the tofu in the miso soup was also fried .

inspired by this harsh winter weather – i fled to the shabu shabu place to warm up – i’ve been there for many many times – not because that it had the best shabu shabu – just b/c it’s fast and convenient

and i’m so easy to deal w/ – i actually like this noodle the best – what an easy kid to raise like me .

driven by the curiosity of passing wright brothers – always on the way with my italian lunch colleague when he’s of course unwilling to stop by this – i stopped by their happy oyster hour – um but don’t get them wrong – they only mean the grade 4 oysters as 1 pound each – not the grand 0-3 ones – if you want big oysters – wait for the red bus near the royal festival hall to open again – there you can find good and big oysters for only 1 pound for real – but i have to say the waiters and waitresses there are very nice – for that reason i will be happy to visit again . 

because of a disaster this morning – which is that i locked myself out – after i closed door this morning at around 7:20am – i immediately felt the disaster – but i didn’t even have time to feel bad about the disaster – b/c my uber was already waiting downstairs and if i wasted any time on feeling bad – then i would be late for work – i felt horrible for only 1 sec – then i thought – i had no time to be sad – i will solve it later – that’s all

however it turned out that today i happened to need to sign the new lease for the next year to get the discounted rate of renewing lease earlier – so i combined two trips – therefore my lunch was delegated from soho and mayfair to camden – and it was not bad at all

unagi kastu in a real wooden box – yes i liked the box more than the unagi rice actually . 

and the pimm’s today was very sweet and fruity – i now believe they must have put lots of water in the pimm’s outside in the restaurants – b/c i couldn’t stand straight after having two small cups of this …

ah why i feel that i’m no longer just talking about food – i’m not whining today . you should know that our mayor mr khan said this month was the food month here – yes that must be why !


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